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Tiger at Midday

This tiger is hand-painted using splatter paint techniques on your choice of canvas board or archival watercolor 140lb paper!

This painting is 16 x 12 inches, but can be custom ordered to any size.

The listed price is for the painting on watercolor paper without a frame. For pricing on canvas board and/or with a frame, please contact us. 

We can customize for any size, color scheme and print you’d like, just send us an email: ElephantasticDesigns ( at ) gmail . com

Trevor Slattary - best of

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“I’m Shawn Spencer and this is my plus one.”

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I’m not gonna lie, I’d want a wedding like this, I mean: Richard Armitage looking adorable as ever, the maid of honor dressed as the Doctor, and the other bridesmaids dressed as Daleks. 

definitely the dream wedding. 

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Kala Paani (1958) - Song - Acha Ji Main Haari

Love this song. And Dev Anand is just too frickin handsome! No wonder they used to make him avoid wearing black - makes you go weak at the knees! ;-)

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